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1803년~1903년 귀중한  사진
상류층 가족
성벽위에서 노는 어린이들
A Rustic Road Near SEOUL
The Bean Grinder, SEOUL
 A "Greasy Spoon" Restaurant in SEOUL
숯장사, SEOUL
용산,  YUNG SAN, a Logging Town Near SEOUL
Two Kinds of Loads on the Streets of SEOUL

 Public School With a Holding Cell Under the Floor Reserved For Wild Kids, SEOUL

Tiger Hunters in the Hills Outside of SEOUL

Shoeing a Horse at the Blacksmith's Home, SEOUL


우체국 기공식. SEOUL, 1903






1890~1903 귀중한 사진자료 2.


CHEMULPO City and Harbor at Low Tide (Street Divides Chinese and Japanese Settlements) 1904


High Class Women and their Coach Bearers





Education Awakens the 'Hermit Kingdom" -- A School for Boys in SEOUL, 1903


 A Happy Couple Visiting Relatives in SEOUL, 1903 


Korean MINISTER OF WAR, His Son, and Grand Children. SEOUL, 1903


 General Prince "MIN YUN HUAN",

Commander in Chief of the Korean Army. SEOUL, 1903


 A Wedding Party ), SEOUL


OLDPottery Packing Mountain Men, Near SEOUL


 First Class Transportation, SEOUL

Limousine Service in the Snow for a High Class Little Girl, SEOUL

Happy Kids With Grandma and the Water Boy, SEOUL

Chowing Down at an Old "Greasy Spoon" Where the Food Tastes Great. SEOUL 

 The Wedding party (2), SEOUL


 High Class Dandys on a Nature Hike. Near SEOUL

 The Royal Tombs


 Sticks, Mud, Rock, and Rope.

Building a Home in SEOUL


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89 풍경사진 / Ian Cameron
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86 희망의 꽃만이 희망의 열매를 맺는다